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Kids 4 Kids / Salem’s Circle


Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families only exists due to the generosity of its members and the community.

From running a lemonade stand to employee matching programs  – there are many unique ways to support Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families

Programs You SupporT

Adapted Bike Program —Provides children living with limited physical capabilities the opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bike. Custom adaptations are made for each bike such as specialized seats, side wheels, foot plates and handle bars.

Summer Kids Camp — A week of fun, safe
and inclusive activities for children with
cerebral palsy or similar neuromotor
disabilities. Activities include field trips, bike riding, games, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Wheelchair Accessible Van Program — Provides an opportunity for families to learn more about transporting individuals with disabilities.

Equipment Loan Program — Available for our members to borrow accessible equipment for travel, transportation and everyday living.

Coffee Socials—An opportunity for families and individuals in our member- ship to meet with one another in a relaxed environment.


Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising events come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you are hosting a private event, starting a cause at work or bringing the community together, we are happy to support any initiative. We encourage you to get creative and let us know your ideas!

Initiative Examples

  • Ask for donations instead of presents at your birthday party

  • Special dress up/dress down days at work by donation

  • Challenge your school to meet a fundraising goal

  • Encourage customers to add a donation to their bill


  • Pub Night

  • Sports Tournament

  • Silent Auction

  • Poker Night

  • Office Potluck

  • Run/Walk Marathon

  • Garage Sale



Download our toolkit to help you get started!


Kids 4 Kids

Kids Helping Light Up another Kid's Life

The Kids 4 Kids Program is designed for children to use their creativity and imagination to raise money for other kids. Funds raised go to our Adapted Bike Program, which provides kids with physical limitations the opportunity to ride a bike that is customized to their needs.

Become Our Ambassador

Thanks to kids like you, other kids will be able to experience the joy of riding a bike! Through a bake sale, birthday party, or dress up day at school, it is fun and easy to make a difference in another kid’s life.


We thought of some ideas to get you started!

Crazy Hat Day Charge your set amount for students in your school to wear a crazy hat to school—the crazier, the better!

Lemonade Stand Setup a lemonade stand in your neighbourhood—or maybe a hot chocolate stand depending on the time of year.

Sell Artwork Let your creative juices flow and make any form of artwork to sell in your school or community.

Bake Sale Bake up some yummy treats and sell them at the next school or neighbourhood event.

Birthday Party Suggest that your family and friends make a donation to CP Kids & Families instead of bringing a present.


What you get for helping

We want to celebrate all of the hard work you do for us! Every child that helps raise money will have the opportunity to place a photo on the donor wall at CP Kids & Families.

Every year at our Bike Clinic Day, awards will be given for our most outstanding Kids 4 Kids participants. Awards include:

  • Top Fundraising Individual

  • Top Fundraising Group

  • Ambassador Award—given to an individual or group who shows the most creativity, passion and spirit with their fundraising

Donations made through:
CP Kids & Families Office

Cheques made payable to:
Cerebral Palsy Kids & Families
#121 7015 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2H 2K6


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at
403-205-4935 or for more information. 

Salem’s Circle Poker Run

2019 Poker Run

Presented by Westcor & Salem’s Circle


The Salem’s Circle Poker Run is an exciting charity event where participants travel to five different locations and collect cards to create the best poker hand. It’s your chance to win prizes while supporting a great cause!

Come join us on Sunday September 1st, 2019 for your seat at the table.
It doesn’t matter what you drive, all two and four wheeled vehicles are welcome!

How can you buy in?
You don’t need to be a card shark or expert gambler to participate in this year’s event.It’s as easy as turning the key and driving to different locations in and around Calgary. Bring your friends and family and make a day of it!

10:00am – 12:00pm – Registeration at Calgary Harley-Davidson Coffee and breakfast provided!
Routes and information sheets will also be handed out.

12:00pm – Wheels up! Travel to the first location. Then follow the map…

3:00pm – 4:00pm - Arrive at Big Sky BBQ to collect your last card. Food and drinks are available for purchase to celebrate completing your hand! Prizes will be handed out for best hand, worst hand as well as several other categories. Take this opportunity to bid on some amazing silent auction items.

Special thanks to Calgary Harley-Davidson for their support and kick-off breakfast.

Ride, drive, and donate with us to support children and families affected by cerebral palsy.
All proceeds go to support CP Kids & Families. It’s a great deal all around!

 If you have any questions about this event, please email