Respite, Aides & Caregivers


Placing an Ad for a Caregiver

The following is an example for a potential caregiver ad:

Seeking male or female caregiver with 1-2 years experience
We are looking for an experienced Caregiver for our 5-year old son with Special Needs and 9-year old daughter. Our son is the happiest boy and needs someone that is positive, caring and compassionate to care for him. He has cerebral palsy and needs help in all areas and someone that will push him to improve. Meal prep and light housekeeping also needed. Located at Dufferin & Rutherford. Hours are 11am-5:30pm Monday to Thursday.
Duties include the following:
  • Prepare and serve nutritious meals including packing school lunch
  • Assist and teach children in personal hygiene.
  • Take child to and from school and medical appointments 
  • Bring and accompany children to recreational and fitness activities
  • Light housekeeping duties 
  • Errands such as laundry and grocery shopping 
  • Supervise and ensure homework is done by child 
  • Work hours: 40-44 hrs/ week 
Salary: $16.50/hr


Where to post an ad


Respite, Aides & Caregivers listing


Care Alberta Special Needs Care An online resource where caregivers show their expertise through an advertisement. provides special needs care. They can watch your family based on your needs.   


CBI Health Group

CBI Health Group offers physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise and behavioural therapies, as well as chiropractic, vocational, nursing, speech,
massage and home health services. Additionally, they offer live in and respite services.  Please note that intake for these supports is done on a case to case basis.

Phone: 403-225-1222

Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary 

Helps match families with private respite providers; offers programs and resources for children and adults with disabilities.

Phone: 403-240-3111

Just 4 U Family Services

24/7 homecare offering respite, home and overnight care. Care and services are designed to meet the unique individual needs of each family. Respite care can be provided in either the family home or staff home. Services provided include: overnight care, respite, individual and group outings and community aide. Before services are started Just 4 U brings the Home Support Worker to meet with the family/senior in their home. This is done to insure Home Support Worker and caregiver/client compatibility.

Phone: 403-590-2122

Post-Natal Helpers

Respite services for newborns to children of six years of age. Serves Calgary (and surrounding area when staff available).

Phone: 403-640-0844

Rehoboth Relief Services

As-needed relief services will provide support to families of an individual who has a physical or developmental challenge or with a sensory impairment by providing supports in the family’s home.  Relief Services will strive to meet the family’s relief requirements for short term, vacation and emergency needs.

Phone: 403-250-7333

McMann Respite Care Connection      

Matches families with short term out of home care with consistent care providers for children with high-risk disabilities and their families.


Foster Care Program: (403) 280-6295

Rotary Flames House       

For children with a life limiting condition and has been approved through Family Support for Children with Disabilities.


Stepping Into Life Inc.  

Provides respite care for families to help recognize and respond to the needs of all family members. Options include hourly, daytime, night time, 24 hours, several days at a time, or on a weekly basis. 


Supported Lifestyles/Kidz Hotel

Providing respite services for families with children with developmental disabilities or emotional/behavioural challenges who have been unable to access other respite agencies due to challenging behaviours. They offer two programs the first being Responsive Respite Services which allows for planned, short-term, hourly supports in the comfort of the child’s home or at the agency site. Additionally, Kidz Hotel offers planned or emergency out-of-home overnight respite.