Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families has been sharing knowledge and hope to families living with cerebral palsy and similar neuromotor disabilities in the Calgary area since 1951. 

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, resources and opportunities in order to light up the lives of children and families in the community.

We offer a range of programs and events that create a positive and consistent support system for families, along with providing opportunities for kids to experience the simple joys of being a kid.

As a community-based agency, we aim to be a safe haven for anyone living with cerebral palsy to reach out for support. Whether you have questions about funding, need an adapted bike for your child, or are just looking to chat about your situation, we are here to help.   

The Story of Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families


Deliver valuable supports, resources and opportunities to families and individuals living with cerebral palsy and similar neuromotor disabilities throughout their life journey.


Ensure individuals living with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities experience an inclusive, abundant and happy life.


The quality of Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families is obtained through the practice of our principles and values. We are proudly promoting the following values.

  • Family-centred: We are a family-led, family-centred agency. We will work to make families living with cerebral palsy stronger, more knowledgeable and more empowered.

  • Compassionate: We will treat all individuals and families with the utmost compassion and understanding of their unique circumstances.

  • Respectful: We have respect for the uniqueness of the effects of cerebral palsy by recognizing and honouring the diversity within the community and by recognizing the journey of those affected by cerebral palsy.

  • Knowledgeable: We strive to have access to all current and emerging information regarding cerebral palsy, treatments, programming and resources.

  • Reliable and Effective: We will be available and provide support to individuals and families in a timely, reliable and effective manner.

  • Individualized: We accept and honour that everyone is affected by cerebral palsy in different ways and will work closely with individuals and families to understand their personal circumstances, journey and needs.

  • Collaboration: We work closely with community partners and agencies to connect individuals and families to the most appropriate services and resources and to one another.

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Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families association was formed on June 13th, 1951 by a group of parents, each of whom was dealing with a similar, yet somewhat varied disability of their children who had not yet received any diagnoses.

It was some time later that Canadian doctors finally learned to recognize the traits of cerebral palsy. It was shortly after this, that the CP Kids and Families saw the need to start some sort of treatment and support program for individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy.

The CP Clinic was opened in 1956 and was in operation until 1972 when it moved into Gordon Townsend School at the Alberta Children's Hospital. We also have a library within the school, run by the Family Resource Center.

Currently we operate as a Volunteer Board, with Sheralee Stelter, our Parent Support Worker.

Overview of the CP Kids and Families Organization


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